WUFPAC is a nonpartisan political action committee that supports women forty years of age and under running for state and federal public office, at the time of endorsement. WUFPAC’s mission is twofold:

  • To help elect more young women to elected office so that young women have an equal voice in shaping public policy.
  • To build the seniority of women in Congress by electing women at a young age.

WUFPAC was started in January 1999 by a group of young women, representing diverse political and geographic backgrounds, gathered together in Washington, DC to discuss the role of young women in politics. Recognizing that political capital is built by political tenure and frustrated by the low percentage of women currently holding political office, they created WUFPAC to support the efforts of young women running for Congress and statewide offices. WUFPAC was incorporated as a Washington, DC non-profit corporation in January 1999 and filed its statement of organization with the Federal Election Commission soon thereafter. The first WUFPAC executive board was assembled in the early months of 1999. WUFPAC has been active in political cycles since 2002.

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WUFPAC Board of Directors

Kate Farrar – President
Craig Auster
Bethany Bassett
Liz Berry
China Dickerson
Kelly Dittmar
Atalie Ebersole
Jessica Grounds
Angela Hubbard
Alethia Jackson
Shana Marchio
Cartney McCracken
Holly Teliska
Lauren Toomey
Katie Vliestra Wonnenberg – Treasurer

WUFPAC Emeritus Board

Heather Beaven
Anne Saunders Fabry
Lindsey Mask
Piper Stege Nelson
Jess Peterson
Danielle Prendergast
Susannah Wellford

General Information: admin@wufpac.org